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If you have already gone through the following process, please bring your Student ID to the Bookstore to see if your Financial Aid Deferment is ready for use.

Spring Semester 2019
Valid: December 10, 2018 through January 26, 2019

      Financial Aid Textbook Deferments (TDA's) are available to students who have been awarded financial aid and who have funds that exceed the amount of their tuition and fees. Financial Aid Textbook Deferments allow a student to charge books at the Bookstore up to the amount available for a Financial Aid Textbook Deferment. The minimum amount of a Deferment is $100 with a maximum amount of $750. Students in Rad Tech, Nursing, Auto Service Tech, and Cosmetology Programs may be awarded additional funds. Charges made against a Deferment will be deducted from your Financial Aid when it is disbursed.

Prior to attempting to use a Financial Aid Textbook Deferment at the Bookstore, it is your responsibility to confirm that there are financial aid funds available for a Deferment.

Following are the instructions on how to confirm your eligibility:
    • Log on to the Century website at
    • Click on "eServices"
    • Enter your Star ID # and your Star ID Password
    • On the "Balance Due by Term" screen you can view your tuition and fee charges for Spring Term 2019
    • Click on "Financial Aid" in the left-hand column
    • View your "Award Letter". This will show your term awards for full-time enrollment and the amount of loan funds that have been certified. If you are not a full-time student, you will need to view the “Estimated Award Levels” which gives your award funds by the credit level.
    • If the sum of your certified loan amounts and grants by credit level exceeds your tuition and fee charges, you are eligible for a TDA (Minimum amount of $100 and maximum of $750.)

Once your awards are posted on the website, it will take one business day before the Financial Aid Textbook Deferment will be available for use in the Bookstore.

      Failure to determine if you are eligible for a Financial Aid Textbook Deferment may result in needless time spent in lines at the Bookstore or at the Financial Aid Office.

Please note that if your Financial Aid changes and does not cover your tuition and fee charges for any reason (including such things as dropping or adding credits, unsatisfactory progress holds, etc.) you are responsible for repayment of any Financial Aid Textbook Deferment charges.

Before purchasing books in the Bookstore, please review the terms and conditions related to the Financial Aid Textbook Deferment Agreement form. You will be asked to sign this agreement when you purchase your books. Remember to bring your Century College Student ID card with you to use your Financial Aid Textbook Deferment.

You will not be able to use your deferment without your student ID card.

Guidelines for Financial Aid Textbook Deferment
The following is a list of items you may purchase at the Bookstore:
    • Required textbooks/course materials, dictionaries and study aids
    • Required kits, uniforms, equipment and tools related to the classes you are currently enrolled in (i.e. art kits, stethoscopes, safety glasses, scrubs, etc. 1 set of Sweats/T-Shirts/Shorts may be purchased if enrolled in a gym/fitness class), Season Bus Passes are now available for purchase on a TDA.
    • General school supplies in reasonable quantities.
The following items are NOT available for purchase with Financial Aid Textbook Deferments:
    • Food, snacks, gifts, Century apparel/"spirit-wear"
Auxiliary Supervisor and Bookstore Lead Staff reserve the right to deny purchase of non-textbook items

Please note that the Financial Aid Textbook Deferment process described above is not applicable for 3rd Party-funded purchases.  Please inquire at the Bookstore for more information. | 651.779.3281 | Last Updated: 12/10/2018


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