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Refunds will be accepted with a valid receipt and must meet all requirements of the items specific product category outlined below.


  • A receipt is required for all textbook returns.
  • Must be returned within 1 week from the start of the course - including late start courses.
  • Must be unmarked and in exact condition that it was purchased in.
  • Must be unopened if wrapped when purchased.
  • Must be returned to the Bookstore on or before the last day to return for current course. (1 week from the first day of class)
    • A receipt is required for all access code and digital course material purchases.
    • Must be returned within 1 week from the start of the course - including late start courses.
    • Must be unopened
    • Code must not be visible


  • A receipt is required for all supply and merchandise returns.
  • Must be returned within 1 week of purchase
  • Must be in same condition as when purchased.
  • Apparel must have original tags attached

ELECTRONICS (Laptops, Tablets, Calculators, and accessories)

  • A receipt is required for all electronics returns.
  • Must be returned within 1 week of purchase.
  • Must be unopened and unused.
  • Exchanges will be processed for in-box damaged product only.


  • Products with Opened or tampered packaging.
  • Course Packets.
  • Reference books or study aids.
  • Items not originally purchased at the Century Collage Bookstore.
  • Items without a Century College Bookstore receipt.


As a service to students the Century College Bookstore makes certain textbooks available to rent to students on a term by term basis. Rental agreements are only effective for the current term. Rental textbooks are the sole property of the Century College Bookstore. Rental textbooks are the intellectual property of the author(s) and are subject to copyright law by the author(s) and/or publisher(s). Textbook rentals are NOT to be reproduced.  All textbook rentals are due by the end of business on the Friday following Finals.


Students who rent available textbooks are responsible for the condition of the materials rented and bear the full responsibility for the return of the rented materials in saleable condition and for payment fees and replacement cost.  Rental returns in the following conditions will NOT be accepted for return and will be subject to full replacement cost:


  • EXCESSIVE highlighting, cribbing, or underlining.
  • Loose or missing pages.
  • Excessive writing or answer blanks filled in.
  • Torn or missing covers
  • Missing materials (CD-ROMs, inserts, etc.)
  • Water damage of any kind.

If rented materials are not returned by the rental due date a late fee of $15 will be assessed up to one week from the Due Date.  All late rentals more than a week late will be automatically charged to the holding credit card, presented at the time of the initial rental, for the remaining balance to cover the full replacement cost of the textbook.  If the holding card is declined a hold will be placed on the student account until such time as the replacement cost of the text in question is paid.  If a course is dropped or cancelled, rental textbooks must be returned immediately, even if the student anticipates taking the same course in a future term. 


Exact replacement of rental materials may be accepted in lieu of any damaged rental materials on or before the rental due date.


You have 3 options to return your rental textbooks by the due date


  • Return at the bookstore with the cashier.
  • Return through Bookstore Drop box located next to the bookstore pick-up window in the west campus cafeteria. Please note, the drop box will be locked after the due date and you will be unable to return your books without speaking with a bookstore staff member.
  • Mail in your rental.  Please note the bookstore does not pay for return shipping and you must fill out the mail in request form found here to ensure you are credited with the return.


To order books and supplies from the Century College Bookstore website you must create an account. A valid email address is required for all online order processing. You will be asked to provide your student account number, this number is your MNSCU tech id and can be found on your student ID card or in eServices in the top right hand corner after you have logged in.


Please note not all items in stock at the store are available for purchase online. If you require an item that is stocked in-store but not online, please call for assistance.


  • All Major Credit Cards EXCEPT American Express.
  • Financial Aid Deferments - a valid Credit Card must be provided to process items not covered by financial aid.
  • Century College Bookstore Gift Cards.


  • Online orders are processed in the order they are received
  • Orders are processed daily EXCEPT Saturdays and Sundays.
  • All notifications are processed through email - Order received, order pending, back-ordered items, and ready for pick-up.
  • When picking-up orders you must bring your student ID or a valid photo ID and your tech ID.
  • If someone else will be picking up the order their name must be included in the “ship to” box for correct processing.
  • Please allow additional time for processing during peak days. Orders placed during back to school rush may take up to 2 additional business days to process.
  • Online orders are held for a maximum of 2 weeks
  • NEW! You can now pick-up your online order on East Campus. We have a new automated locker system right outside the Library for easy access.
  • Locker Orders are held in the locker for 48 hours. Any order not picked-up in that time will be taken back to the bookstore on west campus for pick-up and will revert to in-store pickup hold time of 2 weeks.


Currently all items are shipped from the bookstore are shipped through FedEx Ground or Express service.

All orders being shipped will receive updates via email. A valid email address is required for all shipped orders to be processed.


  • FedEx Ground flat rates are available.
    • $10.00 - FedEx Ground/Home Delivery ( When available, for Packages weighing less than 1lb)
    • $15.00 - FedEx Ground/Home Delivery
    • $15.00 - FedEx Ground/Home Delivery w/direct Signature*

*Direct Signature shipments require an adult signature from someone 71 years of age or older upon delivery.


  • FedEx Express 2Day flat rates:
    • $8.99 - FedEx Express 2Day Envelope (fits approximately 1 textbook and 1-2 supplies)
    • $10.99 - FedEx Express 2Day Pak (fits approximately 1-2 textbooks and 1-2 supplies or t-shirt)
    • $13.99 - FedEx Express 2Day Small Box (fits approximately 2-3 textbooks, multiple supplies, and a t-shirt or sweat shirt)
    • $15.99 - FedEx Express 2Day Medium Box (fits approximately 3-4 textbooks, multiple supplies, and a t-shirt and sweat shirt)*

*Any orders requested as Express Shipping that do not fit with current packages will incur extra expense.  Express shipping costs that reach $30 or more will be switched to FedEx Ground rates unless otherwise specified.


  • FedEx Ground/Home Delivery shipments typically arrive within 3-5 business days.
  • FedEx Express shipments typically arrive within 2 days after shipping.
  • Orders are packed and shipped the day after processing.


The Century College Bookstore allows 3rd party purchasing In-store with a valid Authorization form, Purchase Order, or Billing form.


  • You must bring your Student ID OR a valid state ID and your tech ID to the bookstore. You will be unable to use your 3rd party funds without this identification. Before making a purchase in the Bookstore, please review the terms and conditions related to the 3rd party billing or authorization form. You will be required to sign for your purchases.
  • You must have a valid Authorization, Purchase Order, or billing form with you or on file in the bookstore to complete your purchase. The bookstore will keep a record on file to submit for payment.
  • If you have any questions or special requests, or if you would like to check the status of your 3rd party funds please email the bookstore directly at  Please be sure to include your Century College student ID number in your email.


  • Each 3rd party vendor can and does set limits on how much and what type of items can be purchased. It is up to each individual to verify applicable purchases before using 3rd party billing.


The bookstore is located on the first floor of West Campus, Room #1320. Enter through the Main entrance on West Campus
and go down the first stairwell to your left. We are located next to the cafeteria and The Connection's game room.


  • Textbooks - New, Used, Rental, Digital, etc.
  • School Supplies - Pens, paper, folders, binders, etc.
  • Art Supplies - Paint, colored pencils, drafting pencils, squares, art paper, drafting boards, etc.
  • Food and drink items.
  • Gift items - Greeting cards, stickers, sunglasses, games, etc.
  • Apparel and Spirit wear.


  • Backpacks, Book bags, and all jackets MUST be held inside the Bookstore entrance on the shelves provided. Secure lockers located just outside of the bookstore entrance are also available for students to use - please see a cashier for assistance.


As a service to our students, Century Bookstore offers an in-store textbook buyback at the end of every semester.  This is for students to sell their qualifying textbooks for cash when they are finished using them. This allows the bookstore to restock textbooks at a reasonable cost to save students money in future terms.  Century College Bookstore also offers students a free, online, buyback that is available year round by following the link found here.


  • At the end of each Semester, always during Finals Week, a 3rd party vendor will be on campus to purchase students’ textbooks. They buy textbooks on behalf of Century Bookstore, as well as textbooks that they will sell to other Colleges and Universities.
  • End-of-Semester buyback happens at the Bookstore’s Customer service Window in the West Campus Cafeteria Dining hall.
  • Dates & Times will be posted around campus and on Century College Bookstore’s web page and social media accounts.


  • Since buyback is run by an outside vendor, students can bring textbooks from anywhere to see if they have cash value. The books do not need to have been sold by Century Bookstore or even have been used on campus. Students may sell back textbooks, textbook bundles, certain loose-leaf textbooks, workbooks, trade books and novels, and some dictionaries and reference books.
  • Please note: We are not able to buy Instructor's Editions, software, encyclopedias, library books (unless they have been permanently withdrawn from the Library's system), and rental books from other companies or any other textbook that is the property of another department, group, or business


  • To assure that future students receive quality used textbooks, Century Bookstore and our 3rd party vendor follow certain guidelines when buying back textbooks. The following is a list of examples of textbooks that would NOT be eligible for buyback*:
    • EXCESSIVE highlighting, cribbing, or underlining. Loose or missing pages.
    • Excessive writing or answer blanks filled in.
    • Torn or missing covers
    • Missing materials (CD-ROMs, inserts, etc.)
    • Water or liquid damage of any kind.


    • A textbook's buyback value is dependent on a number of different criteria. Each title is set with a single specific price. A title will either be listed in the database as being buyable or not. A buyable title must be in good condition. We assume that students have used their books throughout the semester and accept that there will be some wear and tear.
    • There is no good/better/best pricing scale.
    • Buyback prices change monthly and price quotes will not be given over the phone or via e-mail.

    *all cases are subject of bookstore and/or 3rd party vendor discretion


    The Direct Digital program is a new textbook model in collaboration with publishers in which books are converted into digital content. This platform grants access to the required content on the first day of class and includes Interactive Learning Platforms.


    • Direct Digital is designed to help reduce the cost of textbooks and course materials.


    • If you are billed for Direct Digital access, it means you have registered for a class with access to online course materials. These materials will be available to you as a link in your myCentury page.


    • Direct Digital provides more than just an online textbook (or eTextbook). It can contain online access to tutorials and activities required for the class. In every case, the price to students for Direct Digital access is less than a paper textbook with online access code.


    • Direct Digital access is optional. If you prefer, you may opt out of this program. Note: You will still need course materials for your class and will be required to have the correct editions. The bookstore can special order books and can ensure you have the correct materials for class.
    • The publishers have allowed you to sample the access in D2L for the first week of the class. If you decide you do not wish to purchase the access, you need to opt out in D2L by the deadline. If you opt-out by the deadline, the charge will be removed from your bill.


    • The Century College Bookstore purchases textbooks from multiple vendors to ensure the lowest possible prices for students.
    • A textbook's value is dependent on a number of different criteria. Each title is set with a single specific price for new or used condition. We assume that used textbooks have been used throughout the semester and accept that there will be some wear and tear visible.
      • Availability
      • New or Used Condition
      • Shipping Fees
      • Publisher Bundles
      • Format - Hard Bound, Soft Bound, Loose Leaf(LL), digital, and others
    • There is no good/better/best pricing scale.

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